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Sunday, 8 January 2017

HAPPY NEW YEAR (Feat. The T-Shirt Dress)

Hello there beautiful and congratulations on making it to 2017!

So 2016 was no so good for a lot people, my self included but we all survived in the end so whatever.

I have been seeing a lot of negativity towards making new years resolutions and I don't see why because it's never a bad idea to make an attempt to change for the better. 
Making New Years resolutions is a great way to start good habits, so what if they fail,  at least you tried so don't let any one discourage you.

Personally I feel we should regard everyday as a new year because the moment you wake up you know you have another chance to do better with the life you have been given. This could be at home like working on your relationship with God, family and friends; meeting targets at work;  or kicking a bad habit. 
 Anyway that is my two cents on that! 

Kicking off the new year with the first outfit  post featuring the t-shirt dress.

I personally like t-shirt dresses that go over the knee a little bit but I was drawn to this one because I love yellow and like the cut out detail on the shoulder.

I paired it with a pair of Bermuda shorts because I don't really like to expose my thighs of thunder lol
but this can be worn on its own, dressed up with a pair of nude heels or dressed down with flats or sneakers.
 I  accessorized with a nude bag & bangles I got as a birthday gift from a dear friend.

I will follow up with a lookbook video showing different ways to style the t-shirt dress as soon as I get back to Capetown (currently at my parent's house)

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week ahead.


Outift Info
 T-shirt Dress : Zara | Shorts : H&M | Bag & Bangles: Accessorize | Shoes : Zara

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