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Friday, 15 July 2016



​This is my fourth and Final review of the Lacome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Serum and my skin is looking amazing and so much better than before. 

I have been walking around town without foundation the whole week.
I have oily skin and I am also a bit sensitive but gladly I have no bad reaction to the formula.

Prior to using this product I had the following skin issues

Unsightly Texture
Uneven Skin Tone
Cycle breakouts
Dull & Tired looking skin

The Results after four weeks of using it morning & evening 

Soft skin
Smooth skin texture
Brighter Complexion
Radiant Skin
Less Breakout during cycle

no foundation or retouching on both picture


Product Lives up to It's promises
Has A self Loading dropper so you use a consistent measurement every time
Has no scent so it wont clash with your moisturizer (clashing scents make me nauseous)
30ml bottle lasts 2 months
Suitable for all skin types 


A bit on the pricey side (but worth it)
You have to keep using it to maintain the results 


Overall I am happy with the results and will re-stock once I run out so I would recommend the product to every one It's such a good Investment to your beauty regimen and you will not regret it!

A big thank you to LancomeSA & Beauty Bullentin for including me on this campaign, it's been great.

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