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Sunday, 5 April 2015


I'll be honest I didn't like these at initially because, firstly I'm a longtime spouse of over-sized handbag, secondly I thought they looked a little silly and not very practical buuut they're starting to grow on me lol. Although not new, this trend seems to be growing more and more popular on the streets.  You may not be able to fit in much but who said fashion should be practical right?  But if were being practical then this is one way to force you to only carry what you really really need and leave the rest at home or in your ca plus your poor shoulder / arm could use a break. I've picked some of my favs seen online, spice it up with a little pom-pom and you're good to go hope you like. Have a lovely Sunday and Happy Easters honeys.  

as i was finishing this post  I noticed i was carrying something similar in my big bag, i use mine as a wallet tho :-) ...just kidding it is a wallet  lol - must DIY some straps on this baby ;-)

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